Sunday, September 7, 2014

Last Day in Oregon ☮

More like Seattle but whatever am I right? Well anyways I went to Seattle and got a city pass and went on all the attractions and it was absolutely and time i will never forget. We drove by Mount Rainier on the way there during the super moon

After we got there we started walking from our hotel room to the science center and we got to see nudist bicyclists which was very interesting.

After the science center we went to the space needle sense it is right next to it. Fun Fact : I'm horrified of heights. But my friend convinced me to go on the space needle since I paid $70 for a city pass.

The view was spectacular.

After all of the fun we had we went to this very nice restaurant which had amazing food. I got the Cajun pasta and a root beer float as a dessert. The pasta was so good BUT SO HOT OH MY GOD. It was amazing that I ate the entire thing. 

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