Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My Style Stars Of 2013 : #2 Kylie Jenner

       Kylie Jenners style has had an amazing impact on mine. I love how she is different from her sister in the ways that she dresses and presents her self. Its edgy and quite beautiful! At least to me haha. I love the way she accessorizes and pulls some of her outfits off. Not many people in the media has an edgy style like she does. Well some do but i personally like hers the most :) .

Here are some of my favorite outfits that Kylie Jenner has worn this year. Enjoy!

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Thursday, December 26, 2013

My Style Stars Of 2013 : #3 Ariana Grande

  I am in love with Ariana Grande's style. Which is obviously why she is on my Style Stars Of 2013 at number 3! I don't know why I like her so much except for the fact that she probably has one of the best ranges in the music industry right now. I love how her outfits are girly , feminine , but yet have that sexy classy look.

Here are some of my favorite outfits from this year!

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My Style Stars Of 2013 : #4 Harry Styles

    Okay now here me out. I know that Harry is a guy and shouldn't be on inspiration to a females wardrobe choices but boy does he have a great sense of style. Especially in the year 2013. His hair is bigger he has only 2 pairs of jeans. He can sure as hell dress well.

So since I am not an expert in men's fashion or finding what
 they have worn here is what I could find!

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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Its Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

    Ahh , its the perfect weather to wear sweater and is finally appropriate to wear ugly Christmas sweaters! And this season there has been many cute Christmas sweaters in stores. Sweaters that can fit anyone's personality perfectly!

Here are some of my favorite Christmas sweaters this season!

Saturday, December 14, 2013


I am also now obsessed with this shoe! I love how it can be worn casually or dressy but still be chic and daring. Oh i'm in love with it. It was recently seen on Kendall Jenner and that should tell you enough! I threw a few outfits together so here :) xx

Friday, December 13, 2013

The Del Rey

It is now official , I am obsessed with this bag. It is such a casual yet flirty bag and can be paired with almost any thing. Its weird but I never thought I would be as crazy about a bag as I am with the Chanel Classic Flap bag. I love how all these bags have a certain characteristic to them that makes them a very unique purse.

Here are some outfits I have put together that I believe would look great with my favorite bags from above :) xo

Luxury Gift Ideas For Her

1.Two Sided Coat - Zara
2. Marc by Marc Jacobs Watch - Marc Jacobs
3. Flowerbomb Perfume - Viktor & Rolf
4. Blowout in a Box - Drybar
5.Ciate Mini Mani Advent Calender - Ciate
6. Love Bracelet - Cartier
7. Saint Laurent 'Y Flap Wallet - YSL
8.Mulberry Small Glossy Del Rey Bag - Mulberry
9. Miu Miu Slipper - Miu Miu
Hello everyone (again)! Here is the luxury gift guide for her! Luxury gifts are always fun and surprising to get I think. Because although its fun getting other presents its nice knowing some one spent that money on you.

This Zara coat is probably my favorite this year and even more so that it is now on sale! It is a beautiful and warm coat and is great for the on coming months. Next is the Marc Jacobs watch , I love this color on watches and the gold accents pull it all together so well. I love the quality and look of almost all of Marc Jacobs watches. Now the flowerbomb perfume has had my attention for quite some time now and i feel as if I am missing out on this perfume. Who are we kidding I am because this perfume had to of been made by the gods because its smell is out of this world. Plus , this limited edition packaging is so adorable! Blowout in a box , what can I even say! I had the chance to try this at one of my friends houses and I loved it! The products this come with make it even better. Of course I originally found out about this from Ariana Grande's Instagram. Ciate nail polishes are the most adorable things I have ever put my eyes on ( besides a Pug) .I love the packaging and the bows. Plus they are great quality. The Love bracelet is a beautiful piece and every girl deserves something from Cartier!The Y flap wallet by YSL is an absolutely  gorgeous wallet. Now on to possibly most prepossessing purse I have seen in a while. It has a great texture and look. Not to mention its name. Finally The Miu Miu Slippers as seen on Danielle Bernstein are great for all the seasons in the year but most definitely fall and winter.

I hope that this guide will help you in the up coming weeks to find a perfect gift! 
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Luxury Gifts Ideas For Him

1. Navy Yarn Dye Wool Trench Coat - Topman
2.Burberry Prorsum Cotton Shirt - Burberry
3.Navy and White Twist Sweater - Topman
4.Gucci "i-Gucci" Collection Stainless Steel / Black Rubber Strap Watch - Gucci
5.Burberry London Smooth Leather Bi Fold Wallet - Burberry
6.Cole Haan Stanton Chelsea Boots - Cole Haan
7. Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb Titanium Edition - Viktor & Rolf
8. Panasonic ES-LV65-S - Panasonic

     Hello every one! Today I thought since i have already done a stocking stuffers why not do a luxury gift one. First one is the male luxury gifts. Are for girls if they like wearing guy things. I know I at least would wear that beautiful sweater , blouse , and trench coat!

    We all need to keep warm this winter so I have put in three beautiful clothing items for the man (or women) in your life. I own the sweater up there and I would say that it is quite comfy. Another one of my obsessions this year have been Chelsea boots. I love how they look on men! The cologne and the razor are a must have for men which all men need. My brothers girlfriend just got him the Spicebomb cologne for his birthday and I think it smells amazing! The watch I believe is a beautiful piece to any wardrobe , have it being on a man or women , I think they show so much personality. 

So there you go! I hope that this guide will help you in finding the perfect gift for the man in your life. If you have any other requests please just comment them below.

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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Color Bug : Emerald

  Emerald , besides being in style this fall and reminding me constantly of Oz , is my favorite thing this season. From coats , sweaters, and shirts this is a must have for all closets this fall. I think this is a beautiful color and can be paired with almost anything. I also think that this trend of color looks even better with gold accessories and ascents!

Studying , Stress , and Finals Oh My!

   Its that time of year again , where the finals are starting and you can hear people crying around the world. We are all a little scared that we will fail them and never graduate. Whether it be from high school or college we all are cramming down to study what we have learned thus far. I am here to help with studying and keeping a positive mind!

      Reason being that most of the time you are depriving your self of sleep which can result in all that you were studying for being forgotten.

2. Pick a positive location to study!
      Where you study is the key to being able to retain the most amount of work. Study in a place with very few people and not much to no noise at all. It will result in a more effective studying time and help you recall what you did study after.

     You're going to want to have a natural energy in you not an artificial energy. Drinking caffeine can be helpful but at the right time. If you drink it to help you pull an all nighter then the sleep you lose will make it harder for your brain to remember what you just taught your self again. Some foods that I recommend are:
a.) Brown rice
  4.Take a break.
      I can not stress this enough. It is incredably important for you to take a break now and then. If your studying for an hour take a ten minute break every hour to cool down and rejuvenate your mind.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Stocking Stuffers (For Her!)

The best time of year is finally here!Every year the lights,decorations, and festivities get more and more beautiful.Soon we will all be surrounded by our loved ones celebrating the holidays. There is so much crazy last minute shopping going around I thought I would provide some stocking stuffers for him and her!
1.Wallets: A lovely surprise and a cute wallet.
2.Candles: Make all the rooms in the house smell great and what girl doesn't love candles!
3.Socks: Go-to gift for someone who has cold feet! (Plus its chilly these winter months!)
4.Nail Polish: Some of the most adorable colors are in this season!
5.Jewelry: No matter how big or small the price tag is jewelry is a must have.
6.Phone Case: They show so much personality and style.
7.Watches: Gotta keep up with the times ya know
8.Gift Cards: If you don't know what to get them just get them one of these to their favorite store.
9.Roller balls: Great for experimenting and for some one on the go!

Stocking Stuffers (For Him!)

  The best time of year is finally here!Every year the lights,decorations, and festivties get more and more beautiful.Soon we will all be surrounded by our loved ones celebrating the holidays. There is so much crazy last minute shopping going around I thought I would provide some stocking stuffers for him and her!
1. Headphones: Whether they are earbuds or Full ear every man needs a pair!
2.Watches: Great gift for some one who is always on the go.
3.Gift Cards:Sometimes we just want to buy stuff that won't make us feel guilty. 
4.Dvd Sets: DVDs are great for spending a night in with the family or significant other.
5.Wallets: Everyone needs a good quality wallet to hold all that junk!
6.Socks: We are all thankful for socks in the winter making this a go to gift!
7.Cologne:We don't want any smelly people around us do we!
8.Phone Case: They are a great accessories and show personality!
9.Gloves: Got to keep those phalanges warm.