Thursday, December 12, 2013

Studying , Stress , and Finals Oh My!

   Its that time of year again , where the finals are starting and you can hear people crying around the world. We are all a little scared that we will fail them and never graduate. Whether it be from high school or college we all are cramming down to study what we have learned thus far. I am here to help with studying and keeping a positive mind!

      Reason being that most of the time you are depriving your self of sleep which can result in all that you were studying for being forgotten.

2. Pick a positive location to study!
      Where you study is the key to being able to retain the most amount of work. Study in a place with very few people and not much to no noise at all. It will result in a more effective studying time and help you recall what you did study after.

     You're going to want to have a natural energy in you not an artificial energy. Drinking caffeine can be helpful but at the right time. If you drink it to help you pull an all nighter then the sleep you lose will make it harder for your brain to remember what you just taught your self again. Some foods that I recommend are:
a.) Brown rice
  4.Take a break.
      I can not stress this enough. It is incredably important for you to take a break now and then. If your studying for an hour take a ten minute break every hour to cool down and rejuvenate your mind.

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