Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Stocking Stuffers (For Her!)

The best time of year is finally here!Every year the lights,decorations, and festivities get more and more beautiful.Soon we will all be surrounded by our loved ones celebrating the holidays. There is so much crazy last minute shopping going around I thought I would provide some stocking stuffers for him and her!
1.Wallets: A lovely surprise and a cute wallet.
2.Candles: Make all the rooms in the house smell great and what girl doesn't love candles!
3.Socks: Go-to gift for someone who has cold feet! (Plus its chilly these winter months!)
4.Nail Polish: Some of the most adorable colors are in this season!
5.Jewelry: No matter how big or small the price tag is jewelry is a must have.
6.Phone Case: They show so much personality and style.
7.Watches: Gotta keep up with the times ya know
8.Gift Cards: If you don't know what to get them just get them one of these to their favorite store.
9.Roller balls: Great for experimenting and for some one on the go!

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