Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Stocking Stuffers (For Him!)

  The best time of year is finally here!Every year the lights,decorations, and festivties get more and more beautiful.Soon we will all be surrounded by our loved ones celebrating the holidays. There is so much crazy last minute shopping going around I thought I would provide some stocking stuffers for him and her!
1. Headphones: Whether they are earbuds or Full ear every man needs a pair!
2.Watches: Great gift for some one who is always on the go.
3.Gift Cards:Sometimes we just want to buy stuff that won't make us feel guilty. 
4.Dvd Sets: DVDs are great for spending a night in with the family or significant other.
5.Wallets: Everyone needs a good quality wallet to hold all that junk!
6.Socks: We are all thankful for socks in the winter making this a go to gift!
7.Cologne:We don't want any smelly people around us do we!
8.Phone Case: They are a great accessories and show personality!
9.Gloves: Got to keep those phalanges warm. 

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